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Most homeowners would agree with the old adage, “My home is my castle.” The home is where you start and raise a family. It’s where you turn for comfort and security. And it’s where your individuality can be properly expressed. Given how vital the home is to good living, it’s crucial that you take the right steps to properly protect and insure it.

A negligent homeowner, be they someone who doesn’t understand their policy or someone who does little to no home maintenance, will likely find themselves beset by pricey and dangerous problems. If and when the unthinkable happens – the total destruction of the home – the careless homeowner may find that their coverage did not work as expected. This can mean sky high deductibles and migraine-worthy feuds with the insurance provider. All things to avoid at all costs.’s Home Center is dedicated to making sure all homeowners understand their insurance options, the risks homes face throughout the year and the steps owners can and often need to take. We’re here to teach you how to you give your home the attention it absolutely deserves.