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Home Fire Safety for Kids

HomeFireSafetyforKidsThere are many things that kids and their families can do to stay safe if there is a fire at home. Learning what to do if a fire happens is one important lesson for kid to absorb. Knowing where to go in a house fire and who to call for help are two other important things for a kid to learn. The following are a few helpful home fire safety tips for kids.

Create a Fire Escape Plan

A kid can get with his or her parents and draw an escape plan for family members if the house were to catch on fire. A kid can begin by drawing a side view of the house with all of the different rooms. With a parent's help, a kid can use a marker to make note of escape routes for each room in the house. The next step would be to show all of the other family members the escape plan and display it in a place where everyone can see it. This way everyone will know where to go in case of a fire. In addition, the family can agree on a place to meet outside if the house is on fire. 

Complete a Fire Safety Check on the House

A kid can do a fire safety check of his or her house by looking for a few important items. For instance, is there a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen in case a fire breaks out there? Are there smoke detectors in the home and are they in working order? Are there appropriate stickers on the windows of the children's rooms that show how many are sleeping there? For example, if there are two children living in one bedroom there should be two stickers on the window. Is everyone aware of the fire escape plan? These are all simple yet significant questions that should be answered in a kid's fire safety check.

Learning How to Call for Help

If a house fire does happen, the first thing for a kid and other family members to do is get out of the house. Calling for help as quickly as possible is the next thing that should be done. A kid should learn to call 911 emergency as well as what to say. The operator needs to know the person's name, where they live, and what the emergency is. Furthermore, a kid should never hang up the phone until the 911 operator says that it's okay to hang up. A fire is a scary situation, but a kid must try his or her best to stay calm and answer the questions of a 911 operator in a clear way. After all, the more information the operator has the faster he or she can send a fire crew to take care of the house fire. It's also important to remember that calling 911 should only be done if there is a serious emergency.