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Ameriprise auto insurance review for 2021

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Ameriprise was founded in 1894 and has been selling insurance for well over 100 years. In 2019, Ameriprise home and auto insurance was acquired by American Family, one of the top auto insurance companies on the market. Today, Ameriprise auto and home insurance is sold under the brand name CONNECT by American Family. Ameriprise auto insurance is ideal for drivers who want comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. 

Ameriprise Quickpoints

  • Region offered: 44 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Market share: 2.28
  • AM Best rating/financial strength profile: A+ (Superior)
  • 2020 J.D. Power overall satisfaction rating: 862/1,000
  • Specialty coverages: Collector car insurance

CONNECT by American Family auto insurance is currently sold in 44 states and Washington D.C. Coverages and discounts offered will vary by state.

Ameriprise customer satisfaction and complaints

Ameriprise’s parent company, American Family, is rated 862/1,000 in J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, which is below average. However, American Family has high ratings for overall customer satisfaction by J.D. Power. In fact, the company was rated the best car insurance company in the Southwest region for 2020. 

However, the parent company does have higher than average complaints based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Company Complaint Index. American Family’s score of 2.06 indicates that the company’s complaint index is twice as high as the industry average, which is 1.0. 

Ameriprise auto insurance discounts

CONNECT by American Family is known for offering a wide variety of car insurance discounts. Most of the discounts are fairly standard, like bundling policies, insuring multiple vehicles, taking a defensive driver course and having certain vehicle safety features. However, there are also a few discounts that are unique to American Family, including: 

Garaging discount

Drivers who park their vehicle in a garage overnight can save money on their policy. To claim this discount, drivers must prove that their residence has a garage or covered parking area. This discount is not available in all states.

Tenure discount

Drivers who maintain an active car insurance policy with CONNECT for several years consecutively can qualify for the tenure discount. This discount may not be available in all states, and the savings percentage varies.

Education discount

Drivers who have completed four years of post-high-school education can save money on their car insurance policy. Policyholders who have a student in their family can also qualify for the discount. Contact a CONNECT representative to see how much you can save in your state.

Premier safety discount

Drivers who have a clean driving record, with no accidents, traffic violations or insurance claims over the last four years, can get a discount on their car insurance policy with CONNECT. To qualify for the discount, all insured drivers must have a spotless record.

Ameriprise auto insurance premium length

CONNECT by American Family offers annual and semi-annual premiums, but it varies by state. Choosing a 12-month policy usually means that your car insurance premium will stay the same for one year, along with your discounts. With a 6-month policy, your rate could change twice per year, but you are more frequently able to add/alter discounts, or make changes to your policy.

Whether you have an annual or semi-annual policy, drivers are allowed to cancel their CONNECT policy and switch providers whenever they want. However, the most common time to consider switching providers is when the policy is up for renewal. CONNECT by American Family does not charge a fee when a policy is canceled, but you’ll have to work with an agent to start the cancellation process, and its important to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Ameriprise vs. other insurance companies

CONNECT by American Family competes with other highly-rated insurance companies, like Amica, State Farm, Nationwide and Allstate. Compared to these providers, American Family offers similar coverage options and discounts. However, CONNECT has more unique coverage options, like stolen key replacement coverage and accident travel expense coverage.

In terms of claims satisfaction, American Family scored below Amica, State Farm, Nationwide and Allstate in J.D. Power’s 2020 study. However, American Family has a hassle-free claims guarantee. Customers can file a claim online or call the 24/7 claim support number, and when the claim is approved, drivers can pick their preferred repair facility.

Ameriprise mobile app and digital experience

Overall, CONNECT by American Family has a seamless digital experience. The website is easy to navigate and provides ample information about the coverages and discounts available, payment choices, the claims process and more. Here are some other tools and resources you’ll get from CONNECT by American Family:

  • Online quote tool
  • Online claim submission
  • Learning Center, with tips and educational articles
  • Mobile app with roadside assistance, ID cards and claim tracking

In the spotlight

  • Ameriprise Insurance auto and home insurance are now sold under the brand CONNECT by American Family.
  • CONNECT customers get access to unique coverage options and discounts.
  • American Family is committed to service and runs a variety of initiatives, including DreamBank, the Dreams Foundation and the AmFam Championship golf tournament.

Drivers who are considering a policy from CONNECT by American Family will get access to comprehensive coverage options, a variety of savings opportunities, good digital tools and efficient claims handling. The company also has excellent financial strength, which is indicative of having adequate funds to reimburse you after a covered loss. 

However, keep in mind that not all coverages and discounts are available in every state. Before you purchase a policy from CONNECT, call an agent to find out what is available where you live. We also recommend using the online quote tool to get an instant rate from American Family and several other providers, so you can compare the rates and see which company will offer the lowest premium.

Elizabeth Rivelli

Elizabeth is an insurance writer for coverage.com, where she covers insurance providers and reviews policies to help consumers find comprehensive and affordable coverage for every area of their life. She has more than three years of writing experience for top online insurance and finance publications.

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