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Dairyland auto insurance review for 2021

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Named after the dairy state in which it’s headquartered, Wisconsin-based Dairyland is an auto insurance carrier that has provided drivers with coverage solutions since 1953. Part of the nonstandard market for auto insurance, Dairyland specializes in providing insurance solutions for high-risk drivers that may be ineligible for coverage through the traditional marketplace. This insurance company is one of the best for drivers who have DUI convictions, have a checkered driving history or are otherwise considered high-risk.

Dairyland quick points

  • Affiliation: Sentry Insurance
  • Region offered: Washington, D.C. and all United States except California
  • Market share: 0.06%
  • Specialty coverages: Special equipment coverage, lienholder policies, non-owner auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, replacement cost coverage, guest passenger coverage, physical damage-plus coverage, roadside assistance

Dairyland offers auto insurance to high-risk drivers throughout Washington, D.C. and all of the United States except for California.

Dairyland customer satisfaction and complaints

Despite widespread coverage throughout the United States, J.D. Power does not currently provide a customer satisfaction rating for Dairyland or its parent company, Sentry Insurance. This is likely due to the fact that Dairyland has a small market share and is not part of the traditional auto insurance marketplace.

Looking to other sources for feedback on customer experience, the company’s BBB profile is home to many consumer complaints — more than 100 in the past three years alone. With only 16 reviews on their profile, customers unanimously give the parent company — Sentry Insurance — a 1-star rating. This is fairly consistent with other high-risk providers, however, so keep that in mind. 

Customer reviews for Dairyland, tell a different story. According to nearly 5,000 reviews on TrustPilot, 74% of customers believe that Dairyland provides great customer service. For the 8% of people giving a “poor” or “bad” review, most experience issues with internal communication, cancellations and refunds for cancelled policies.

Dairyland auto insurance discounts

Multi-car discount

Dairyland offers discounts to drivers insuring more than one vehicle in their household. All they need to do is obtain an insurance policy for each vehicle in their household to receive a reduced rate for coverage.

Transfer discount

For drivers that have been previously insured by another carrier for six months or more, Dairyland provides a special discount if they choose to switch to their auto insurance policy. Depending on the state in which you live, Dairyland may provide a discount even if there has been a small lapse in coverage between the time you ended service with your previous carrier and began service with Dairyland. All that’s required is a copy of the most recent declarations page from your previous provider.

Advanced quote discount

Drivers that plan ahead by receiving a renewal quote early are eligible to receive a discount. As long as you get a quote at least a week in advance from the day your current policy ends, you can save money on your premiums for the next coverage period.

Payment frequency discount

Whether you choose to pay quarterly, every six months or once annually, the frequency with which you pay can result in some significant savings, thanks to Dairyland’s Payment Frequency Discount. All policyholders need to do is pay more than the minimum required to qualify for this discount.

Homeowners discount

While Dairyland does not provide homeowners’ insurance, they do offer special discounts for those who own homes and have them insured through other carriers. In some states, even those who have a renters’ insurance policy may qualify for a special discount.

Defensive driving discount

Learning to be a better driver pays off with Dairyland’s defensive driving discount. By providing proof that they have passed the course, drivers can save more on their premiums.

Anti-theft discount

Security is key in the insurance industry, and Dairyland rewards drivers that enhance their security. By owning a car that has an anti-theft device installed, policyholders can receive special discounts through the company.

Dairyland auto insurance premium length

Dairyland prides itself on providing affordable insurance solutions for high-risk drivers. As such, it offers a multitude of payment options with varying premium lengths. The pay-as-you-go option allows drivers to pay for their insurance over a set period of time rather than all at once. Through this program, policyholders make a low down payment and set up a monthly minimum payment plan for coverage.

The company also allows customers to pay all at once for their insurance premiums, even offering special discounts for those who choose to do so. Customers can select from quarterly, bi-annual or annual payment options to receive the payment frequency discount through Dairyland.

Dairyland vs. other insurance companies

Dairyland does not compete against traditional insurance companies since it is considered part of the nonstandard market for high-risk drivers. As such, there are many noteworthy differences between Dairyland and other insurance companies. For instance, Dairyland does not offer coverage for renters, homeowners or life insurance, like most industry giants such as GEICO, Allstate or State Farm. Additionally, the coverage is more basic than other options available through the traditional marketplace.

However, what sets Dairyland apart from other companies is the fact it insures drivers that have been denied elsewhere. Unlike other auto insurance providers, Dairyland does not automatically turn away drivers with a history of repeat traffic offenses, DUIs or other poor driving history. For these drivers especially — and for those with limited income looking to save on their premiums — Dairyland tends to stand out among the competition.  

Dairyland vs. GEICO

GEICO is arguably one of the more affordable insurance providers in the traditional space, making it close to a direct competitor to Dairyland. With low rates and a broad range of available discounts, GEICO offers a cost-effective insurance option for those that can’t afford other providers like The Hartford or MetLife. GEICO also boasts strong ratings for customer satisfaction and provides even more payment plan options to policyholders to help them save on premiums.

However, Dairyland does not factor in driver history the same way that GEICO does when determining your premium. So, if you have a poor driving history and need insurance fast, GEICO may not be the best option.

Dairyland vs. Allstate

Auto insurance through Allstate is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, with the annual average premium set at $1,896 for drivers that are not considered high-risk. Compared to the national average ($1,555 a year), it’s a good bit more on average, even with a clean driving record. However, Allstate offers some great digital features to customers, such as the QuickFoto Claim® smartphone claims processing app, and Allstate’s Digital Locker® for home inventory management.

Comparatively, Dairyland is a much more cost-effective option for high-risk drivers. The company also offers more flexible payment plans for drivers. And, according to TrustPilot’s customer satisfaction ratings, 83% of reviewers rank Allstate as having bad customer service versus the 74% of customers that rank Dairyland’s customer service as excellent.

Dairyland mobile app and digital experience

Overall, Dairyland has a surprisingly user-friendly mobile app and digital experience, which is fairly unique among nonstandard providers. The Dairyland mobile app can be used to manage virtually every aspect of your policy. Through the app, policyholders can:

  • Make Payments
  • View ID Cards
  • Receive Bill Notifications
  • View Real-Time Policy Updates
  • Review Coverage
  • View Policy Documents

The website is also extremely accessible, providing ample information for those seeking to learn more about the company before requesting a quote. When shoppers are ready to request a quote, all they need to do is use the online quote tool. While the online and mobile experiences are great, Dairyland still has not introduced mobile or web-based claims filing capabilities for its customers. Instead, claims must be filed through the hotline, which is available 24/7.

In the spotlight

  • Dairyland is one of the best auto insurance providers for high-risk drivers seeking a lower premium.
  • The insurance carrier offers solutions to drivers throughout Washington, D.C. and all United States, except California.
  • Many discounts are available through Dairyland that can help drivers save even more on insurance premiums.

If you’re a high-risk driver with a rough driving history and have been denied coverage elsewhere, Dairyland may be the best option for your needs. Insuring high-risk drivers since 1953, Dairyland offers necessary coverage with plenty of available discounts to help policyholders save money.

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