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Meemic Insurance was founded in 1950. The company was formed as a way to help school teachers get the insurance coverage they needed at an affordable rate. After more than 70 years in business, Meemic Insurance exclusively serves teachers and sells a handful of popular insurance products in four states. The company offers several car insurance coverage options and discounts that are designed to meet the unique needs of educators and school staff. 

Carrier quick points 

  • Region offered: Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin
  • AM Best rating/financial strength profile: A
  • J.D. Power overall satisfaction rating: N/A
  • Specialty coverages: Meemic is only available to teachers and school staff members, such as librarians, cafeteria workers, substitute teachers, counselors and bus drivers. In addition to basic auto insurance, Meemic also sells antique auto insurance. 

Meemic customer satisfaction and complaints

Because Meemic is a smaller car insurance company, it doesn’t have many policyholder reviews or third-party customer satisfaction ratings. However, the company does have impressive testimonials on its website. Members give high remarks for Meemic’s affordable insurance premiums, friendly customer service agents and personalized interactions.

In addition, Meemic car insurance reviews indicate that the company has excellent financial strength, with an A rating from AM Best. This indicates that the company has adequate funds to reimburse policyholders after a covered loss. Based on Meemic’s customer testimonials, the company has great claims handling with fast and fair payouts.

Meemic auto insurance discounts

Educators can take advantage of a variety of car insurance discounts through Meemic Insurance. These exclusive discounts are available to teachers and school staff who work at public, charter, private and parochial schools, including colleges and universities. It also applies to teachers and staff who work at teaching hospitals with an accredited medical school.

Meemic offers standard discounts for paying your annual premium in full, bundling a home and auto insurance policy and having a vehicle with an anti-theft device. In addition, Meemic offers several specialty discounts that are designed with educators’ needs in mind. 

Newly certified teacher discount

Teachers who have been certified within the last seven years can qualify for special savings through Meemic Insurance. This discount applies to teachers of any grade level, up through college. In order to access this discount, teachers need to provide acceptable documentation that proves their date of certification. 

No deductible for losses on school grounds

If a covered comprehensive loss occurs on school property, Meemic Insurance will cover the deductible. An example of this would be if a tree fell on your car in the school parking lot, or if your vehicle was broken into on school grounds. This discount is only available for customers who purchase a full coverage insurance policy. 

Meemic auto insurance premium length

With Meemic car insurance, educators can purchase a policy for one year or six months, depending on their coverage needs and budget. In most cases, purchasing an annual policy is slightly cheaper than purchasing a six month policy. During the policy renewal period, the rate is subject to change and you may lose the ability to take advantage of certain discounts.

However, drivers have the option to switch providers during the policy renewal period if their rate increases or if they’re unhappy with the customer service. Meemic does not specify whether or not drivers pay a cancellation fee when they terminate their policy or switch to a different provider. We recommend contacting an agent in your area to ask about cancellation fees.

Meemic vs. other insurance companies

Meemic is a very unique insurance company that is different from most major providers. First, Meemic Insurance is only available in Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Second, this company only sells insurance to teachers and school staff members. Most other insurance companies have a much wider coverage area and sell insurance to all drivers, regardless of their occupation.

In addition, Meemic car insurance coverage is fairly basic. The company only offers a handful of discounts, although there are educator-specific savings opportunities. For comparison, many other regional and national insurance providers offer more comprehensive coverage options and more discounts for drivers on a budget.

Meemic vs Progressive

Progressive is one of the largest and most popular car insurance companies on the market. Compared to Meemic, Progressive offers significantly more coverage options and more discounts. Progressive also offers an app-based safe driver discount program, called Snapshot, plus a diminishing deductible program.

Another difference between Meemic and Progressive is the online tools available. Progressive is well known for its online and mobile tools, like the Name Your Price Tool and the rate comparison tool. Progressive also has a highly rated mobile app with a variety of features. Meemic’s digital offerings are limited and there is no app available. However, educators and school staff will not find specialized coverages and discounts with providers.  

Meemic vs The General

The General and Meemic are two very different insurance companies. While Meemic serves the education community, The General specializes in high-risk insurance, also known as non-standard insurance. Drivers who have a poor credit score, have a lengthy claims history or have been charged with a DUI/DWI often need non-standard coverage.

Similar to Meemic however, car insurance coverage from The General is pretty basic. There are only a handful of coverage options and discounts available. Because the company specializes in high-risk insurance, the policies are likely to be much more expensive than what Meemic charges. Lastly, The General has a mobile app, but lacks many of the popular digital tools that companies like Progressive offer. 

Meemic mobile app and digital experience

Overall, Meemic’s digital experience is a bit limited compared to other providers. The company does not offer a mobile app, and it has minimal online capabilities for policyholders. Here is a look at the digital tools available from Meemic Insurance: 

  • Online quotes
  • Online claims
  • Customer portal with payments and policy information
  • Find an approved auto repair shop online through The Educated Choice® Repair Program 

In the spotlight

  • Meemic Insurance sells coverage to educators and school employees.
  • The company offers a few different coverage options and discounts specific to educators.
  • Premiums support The Meemic Foundation, which provides educational grants for teachers

Overall, Meemic Insurance is a great choice for auto insurance if you’re a teacher or school employee. Unfortunately, this company is not an option if you aren’t an educator, or if you live outside the company’s coverage area, which currently only includes Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. In order to purchase a policy and get a Meemic car insurance quote, you’ll need to work with a licensed agent in your area. 

Meemic stands out for its teacher-specific discounts and coverage options, plus it has great customer service, efficient claims handling and cheap car insurance coverage for those who qualify. Although this carrier is small, policyholder testimonials indicate that it has excellent customer satisfaction. The company is also strongly committed to serving the education community, and every premium directly supports The Meemic Foundation for educational grants.

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