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Best car insurance companies in Louisiana

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    As of 2015, there were an estimated 3,357,091 licensed drivers in the state of Louisiana. Every driver in Louisiana must carry a minimum amount of car insurance in order to legally operate their vehicle in the state.

    For drivers looking for the best car insurance in Louisiana, we have provided an overview of the top providers by market share. Below, you can see what the average rates are for Louisiana, and understand how these rates are affected by your driving record. You can also compare rates by provider and across major metropolitan areas within Louisiana.

    Best car insurance companies in Louisiana 2021

    CompanyJ.D. Power ScoreAM BestDiscounts offeredAverage rate
    Allstate3/5A+ (Superior)Responsible payer, safe driving club$2,340
    GEICO3/5A++ (Superior)Federal employee, emergency deployment$1,824
    State Farm3/5A++ (Superior)Drive Safe & Save program, Steer Clear program$2,508
    USAA5/5A++ (Superior)Vehicle storage, annual mileage$2,406
    Southern Farm BureauN/AA+ (Superior)Good student, continuous coverage$2,320

    GEICO: Best for cheap rates

    Drivers who are looking for cheap car insurance in Louisiana should check out GEICO. The average GEICO driver pays $1,824 annually for a full coverage policy, making it the most affordable provider on our list for Louisiana. GEICO also offers a wide variety of discounts for even more savings.

    Southern Farm Bureau: best for customer service

    Southern Farm Bureau is a local car insurance company in Louisiana that offers excellent customer service. Although the local provider has not been rated by J.D. Power, Southern Farm Bureau has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and fewer than average complaints according to the NAIC Company Complaint Index.

    State Farm: Best for young drivers

    Young drivers tend to pay the highest insurance premiums, especially in Louisiana. But State Farm gives young drivers several ways to save money on their policy. Drivers under 25 can enroll in the Steer Clear® safe driver rewards program to save money, plus take advantage of good student discounts. 

    Allstate: Best for add-on coverages

    Allstate is our recommendation for Louisiana drivers who want highly customizable coverage. Allstate offers an impressive list of endorsements, including roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, sound system insurance and new car replacement coverage.

    USAA: Best for military members

    USAA is widely considered to be one of the top insurance companies on the market. The catch is that you must be an active-duty military member or veteran in order to get coverage. But if you meet USAA’s requirements, you’ll get affordable rates, great customer service and good coverage options.

    Average cost of car insurance in Louisiana

    On average, Louisiana drivers pay $2,330 per year for full coverage insurance, which breaks down to about $194 each month for 12 months of coverage. In comparison, the national average car insurance rate in the United States is $1,555 per year for a 12 month, full coverage policy. The average minimum coverage rate across the U.S. is $545 for a 12 month premium.

    While these rates may be useful in your comparison-shopping, please keep in mind that the following rates represent averages for Louisiana and may not reflect your actual premium quote.

    Driving record is one of the biggest factors that impacts car insurance rates. The table below includes the average minimum and full coverage insurance premium for Louisiana drivers with a clean record, one speeding ticket and one accident: 

    Clean record1 speeding ticket1 accident
    Full coverage$2,351$2,779$2,897
    Minimum coverage$765$989$1,201

    Quadrant data services, 2020

    Cost of car insurance in Louisiana by city

    In Louisiana, car insurance rates vary based on many factors, including ZIP code. Here is the average cost of full coverage and minimum coverage car insurance by city:

    CityFull coverage annual rateMinimum coverage annual rate
    New Orleans$2,864$1,010
    Baton Rouge$2,465$891
    Lake Charles$2,404$757

    Quadrant data services, 2020

    New Orleans

    The average driver in New Orleans pays $2,864 for full coverage insurance, which is significantly higher than the statewide average of $2,330. New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana with a high population density, which increases risk of accidents and therefore, increases car insurance rates. In general, however, cheap car insurance in New Orleans is harder to find.

    Baton Rouge

    In Louisiana’s capital city, the average driver pays $2,465 annually for full coverage car insurance, which is only about $135 more than the statewide average. In 2017, for example, there were almost 1,000 car thefts in Baton Rouge. Crime rate is one of the factors that contributes to car insurance prices in this area.


    The average cost of car insurance in Shreveport is $2,267 per year, which is cheaper than the Louisiana state-wide average. Shreveport’s population is much lower than that of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and its lower population density means car insurance rates are more affordable.


    In Lafayette, the average driver pays $2,244 a year for full coverage car insurance, which is below the state-wide average. Lafayette has a relatively high crime rate, but because the city only has about 126,200 residents, car insurance rates are usually cheaper.

    Lake Charles

    Car insurance premiums in Lake Charles are above average for the state. The average driver pays $2,404 annually for full coverage car insurance, which is slightly higher than the state-wide average rate of $2,330 a year. Lake Charles has a low crime rate compared to other cities in Louisiana, which helps keep insurance rates low.

    Louisiana car insurance considerations

    When shopping for a car insurance policy, Louisiana drivers should be mindful of the state’s severe weather. Louisiana is seasonally affected by major hurricanes, wind storms, flooding and even tornadoes. 

    These weather events can damage and destroy vehicles, even when they’re just parked in the driveway. Fortunately, certain car insurance policies can protect vehicles from weather-related damage. Car insurance is legally required in Louisiana, but drivers have several options for coverage.

    Louisiana minimum liability requirements

    Drivers must carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, according to Louisiana car insurance laws. Louisiana’s minimum insurance requirements are abbreviated as 15/30/25, which includes:

    • $15,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person
    • $30,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident
    • $25,000 in property damage liability coverage per accident

    How we chose the best car insurance providers in Louisiana

    To find the best Louisiana insurance companies, we looked at the biggest carriers and evaluated each one by its average premiums for full and minimum coverage, discounts and coverage options offered, customer service reviews, third-party ratings and financial strength scores.

    Other car insurance providers in Louisiana to consider

    In addition to the top five Louisiana auto insurance providers we recommend, here are some other Louisiana car insurance companies to include in your comparison-shopping:

    CompanyJ.D. Power Score/5AM BestDiscounts offeredAverage rate
    Progressive3/5A+ (Superior)Snapshot program, distant student$2,607
    SafewayN/AA (Excellent)N/A$2,915
    AAA3/5A+ (Superior)Vehicle safety features, AAA member$3,236


    Progressive’s car insurance policies are pricey, with an average annual full coverage rate of $2,607. However, the company offers lots of coverage options and discounts, including the Snapshot safe driver program.


    Safeway Insurance is also on the more expensive end, on average, and the company offers fairly basic coverage. But because Safeway is a local provider, the customer service is personalized, which is something you won’t find with most national providers.


    Based on our research, AAA is the most expensive insurance provider in Louisiana, with an average rate of $3,236 per year for full coverage. However, AAA offers amazing coverage options and discounts that some drivers may find worth the comparison.


    Coverage utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze quoted rates from thousands of ZIP codes across all 50 states and Washington, D.C, using the top 15 carriers by premiums written by state. Quoted rates are based around the profiles of a 30-year-old male and female with clean driving records, good credit and the following full coverage details:

    • $100k bodily injury liability per person
    • $300k bodily injury liability coverage per crash
    • $100k property damage liability coverage per crash
    • $500 collision coverage deductible
    • $500 comprehensive coverage deductible

    Minimum coverages were applied to match state requirements. Both drivers used a new, financed 2018 Toyota Camry, commuting 5 days a week and driving 12,000 miles per year.

    Elizabeth Rivelli

    Elizabeth is an insurance writer for coverage.com, where she covers insurance providers and reviews policies to help consumers find comprehensive and affordable coverage for every area of their life. She has more than three years of writing experience for top online insurance and finance publications.

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