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Clearcover car insurance review

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Just about everyone dreams of saving money on insurance premiums, and Clearcover auto insurance makes this possible at a third of regular insurance costs. Founded in 2016 by Kyle Nakatsuji and Derek Brigham, Clearcover is a Chicago-based, AI-driven insurance provider with a focus on affordable rates and easy claims filing. Its auto insurance is best recommended for tech-savvy drivers who want low rates coupled with quick, hassle-free service. Clearcover currently sells its policies in 13 states and is underwritten by Lyndon Southern and Response Indemnity Company of California, which are subsidiaries of Fortegra, a leading insurance provider. 

Clearcover quick points

  • Region offered: Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin
  • Specialty coverages: Rideshare coverage

Clearcover is only available in thirteen states as of now and has no agents. Customers need to use the website and mobile app for most purposes, but there’s also a toll-free number if you wish to speak to a customer care representative.

Clearcover customer satisfaction and complaints

Since Clearcover is a fairly new company, it has not yet been evaluated or rated by credible third parties such as J.D. Power. Online reviews from customers range from positive to neutral to unhappy, depending upon individual experience with the provider. Most customers seem happy with the low prices and digital accessibility, but most negative reviews complain about the difficulty in reaching customer support and the inefficiency in communication when trying to file claims. The NAIC reported lower than the average number of complaints for Clearcover, but do bear in mind that it also has fewer customers compared to well-known insurance providers as an up and coming company.

While not many ratings are available for Clearcover, its parent company Fortegra and its subsidiaries have an A- (excellent) rating from AM Best, the country’s leading credit rating company. This proves that even as a new provider, Clearcover has financial stability and can pay out claims. However, claims processing is outsourced to a company called Littleton Group, so you will not be working with Clearcover directly.

Clearcover auto insurance discounts

Car insurance is often expensive, but discounts can help you save a few hundred dollars every year. Clearcover’s range of discounts is not as varied as some popular insurers, but it is still possible to lower your premium with the following discounts. As a plus, Clearcover will automatically build discounts you qualify for into your overall cost of your insurance premium.

Safety features discount

If your car is equipped with features such as airbags, anti lock brakes, traction control, tire-pressure monitors and anti-theft systems, you may be eligible for a discount.

Multi-vehicle discount

Insuring more than one vehicle with Clearcover can land you a price cut.

Good driver discount

If you have a clean driving record and take a safe driving course, you may be eligible for a discount from Clearcover.

Military discount

If you are a current or retired member of the armed forces, you can be eligible for a discount. Policyholders in Louisiana may qualify for an additional 25% discount if they are on active duty.

Clearcover auto insurance premium length

Currently, Clearcover only offers a six-month premium length. You can make payments through the mobile app with your credit or debit card or checking account. If you select auto-pay, your policy will renew automatically at the end of six months. Complaints regarding unexpected premium increases have yet to be seen by Clearcover’s customer base, but since the company does not offer an accident forgiveness program, your premiums will rise after an accident, a traffic violation or whenever you file a claim. 

The company website states that switching over to Clearcover from a different insurance provider is easy and hassle-free. Customers can switch at any time even if their term with their current insurer hasn’t ended, though there will likely be a cancellation fee if you switch to another company from Clearcover before the end of your policy. 

Clearcover vs. other insurance companies

There is no lack of auto insurance companies, and in this crowded market, Clearcover stands out by keeping their focus on a digitally-intelligent automated experience for the modern, tech-driven customer. However, the company falls short when compared to the ratings and market position of some renowned insurance providers. Clearcover sells minimum liability insurance as well as collision and comprehensive coverage, but the only add-on offered is rideshare coverage. You also won’t get services such as GAP insurance or an SR-22 form from Clearcover, thereby limiting the benefits you get for what you pay.

Here is how Clearcover compared to two similar insurance companies that are smaller in the market:

Clearcover vs. Metromile

Serving only eight states, Metromile was established in 2011 and offers pay-per-mile insurance, with very few discounts and barebones coverage. Unlike Metromile, Clearcover doesn’t offer pay-per-mile insurance and offers more coverage. Neither of the companies have been rated by credible third parties such as J.D. Power, but NAIC reports a higher than average number of complaints for Metromile.

Clearcover vs. Dairyland

Wisconsin-based Dairyland has been in business since 1953, which gives it greater credibility than Clearcover. Dairyland offers car insurance in 37 states for high-risk drivers who have been denied by other companies, an option not provided by Clearcover. The rates are affordable, discounts aplenty and specialty coverages include non-owner auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, guest passenger coverage, physical damage-plus coverage and roadside assistance. 

Clearcover mobile app and digital experience

As a tech-forward company, Clearcover requires customers to use the mobile app for most purposes. The app is well-rated on both the App Store and Google Play Store, with hundreds of reviews giving it an average score of 4.7 out of 5 between the two stores. On the app, you can:

  • View your policy information
  • View insurance documents
  • Connect with representatives
  • Pay or change payment methods
  • File claims
  • Request roadside assistance

Although there is a toll-free number for filing claims, it isn’t available 24/7, unlike the app. Clearcover boasts that claims are paid out within minutes, the record to date being 13 minutes.

Clearcover’s website mainly allows you to get a quote and learn about the services offered. 

In the spotlight

  • Clearcover is a unique startup that is part of a breed of insurtech companies disrupting the traditional insurance market with automation. The coverages are decent and the prices are  more affordable than leading car insurance companies thanks to the low advertising budget. 
  • It is best suited to customers that prefer the quickness of digital experiences over phone calls or in-person purchases. 
  • In late 2020, Clearcover announced plans to open a Detroit office, and at the beginning of this year it was named in Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work in 2021.
  • Clearcover recently got $50 million in funding.

If you are all for fast, automated services that require little to no human interaction and live in one the thirteen states it serves, Clearcover car insurance could be worth considering. However, since the company is still very new and has yet to establish long-standing trust, it is best to compare as many providers as possible to see if Clearcover is the best option for you. Make sure to compare reviews, quotes, coverages and customer service reports from multiple companies before making a purchase.

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