Senior Safety and Health Guide

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In our everyday life from the day we are born, we face a number of safety and health issues. From the dangers stemming from our curiosity as a toddler to the dangers we face in our later years, the world can be a hazardous place. While health and safety dangers occur at all ages, it is especially true for senior citizens. It is during our advanced ages that we start to face issues in walking, exercising, driving, nutrition and in many other areas.

  • Senior Health Page – informative page containing an alphabetical listing of some of the typical issues that senior citizens encounter.
  • Mental Health Resources – helpful page with information and links on mental health issues facing senior citizens.
  • Shoppers Guide to Health Insurance – collection of useful information and links on how to get insurance for senior citizens.
  • Senior Citizens Safety Tips – useful page for seniors covering many topics and suggestions on how they can be safe in their daily lives.
  • Senior Citizen Safety – helpful information on how seniors can remain safe at home by preventing accidents.
  • Pedestrian Safety Tips – basic safety information for senior citizens and others on how to be safe and cautious while walking.
  • Senior Citizen Fraud – information from the FBI covering many of the topics concerning fraud against the elderly.
  • Older Driver Safety – government resource from the NHTSA providing seniors with safe driving information.

Senior citizens have to face many different concerns especially in the health area. It is important that seniors eat properly in order to guard against ailments such as weakened bones. Also, as people get older their memories are not as sharp as when they are younger. And, as senior citizens age, the ability to care for themselves is diminished and they are reliant on care from others, either family members or nursing professionals.

With advancing age comes a variety of health concerns. Some of the concerns include weakened bones and joints, vision and hearing loss, memory loss and several other issues facing senior citizens. Here are a few of the many resources that are available to learn about senior citizen health. We hope you enjoy this information to make the life of a senior that you know and love.

Bones and Joints

Memory Loss

  • Brain and Exercise – informative page dealing with the effect of exercise on the workings of the brain.
  • The Aging Brain – useful article showing how the effects of aging relate to the brain.
  • Memory Loss in Senior Citizens – information on memory loss and confusion in senior citizens.
  • Memory Loss – helpful article discussing the issue of memory loss that senior citizens have to face.

Vision and Hearing

  • Aging Eye Related Diseases – useful article providing information on the common problems associated with the eyes with the elderly.
  • Senior Citizen Hearing Loss – informative collection of resources and information that can be used by seniors to understand hearing loss.

Long Term Care

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