Part VII: A Healthy Family’s Guide to Health Insurance Resources

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Making informed choices about your family’s health and dental insurance options is a good first step toward ensuring overall good health. Equally as important is the demonstration of good health habits to your impressionable children; following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and practicing diligent personal hygiene serve as an example to your family. Teaching young children why healthy habits promote good health further drives home these important lessons. However, it is impossible to expound on every potential health issue that your family may face. If you need additional assistance you may find the following resources to be helpful.

Mental Health

  • NAMI: The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers this resource page targeted toward parents, caregivers and youth. Discussion groups, links to support centers, a magazine subscription and video clips on parent FAQs are just a few of the available parent aids.
  • Child Mental Health: This website, created by a child and adolescent mental health specialist, offers a plethora of links to useful pages. Current events in mental health news and detailed descriptions of mental health disorders are provided.
  • PsychCentral: This article, targeted toward parenting children with mental health disorders, offers tips and tricks, a section on single parenting and numerous links to other informational sites.

Nutritional Health

  • NY State Dept. Health: This page, focusing on the prevention of childhood obesity, offers guidelines on the measurement of overweight children and useful advice about parenting children who are overweight.
  • ParentsChoice: This useful article gives an overview of nutritional health for families and provides a list of 30 ways to teach your children about healthy food choices.
  • USDA Child Nutrition and Health: The U.S. Dept. Agriculture has listed numerous resources that assist parents in developing healthy diets for children. Topics include vegetarianism for kids, smart snacking and obesity control, among others.

Personal Hygiene

  • Teachers and Parents Resource: Developed by an educator, the health and hygiene section includes games, songs and worksheets as well as an interactive game targeted to elementary school children.
  • Special Needs Resources: This website is devoted specifically to helping parents with special needs children learn about proper hygiene practice.
  • Personal Hygiene for Preteens and Teens: This page offers lengthy discussion on the particular needs of young adolescents regarding personal care, as well as links to many other resources.

Physical Health

  • KidsDoc Symptom Checker: This interactive guide offers parents specific information about illness or injury in children and directs parents in how to handle each instance.
  • This government-sponsored site offers numerous aids to educating children about physical health, including links to pages covering bicycle safety, exercise and weight management, nutrition and activities for elementary school aged children.
  • LetsMove!: Targeted toward child care center operators, this site offers helpful physical activities for young children and provides links to videos and articles about children’s physical fitness.

Insurance Resources

  • Health Care Reform/ACA: This government-sponsored website provides a helpful, comprehensive FAQ for parents on the new Affordable Care Act and what this legislation means to families.
  • Medication and Health Insurance Resources: This resource focuses on low-cost health insurance and medication access for families with low income.
  • Insurance Finder: This website provided by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human services offers an interactive tool that helps families compare and contrast insurance plans available in each state.
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