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  1. The Odds and Ends View

    The Hidden CostsThe Odds and Ends

    Accidents happen. But we wanted to know: how often do they happen? We crunched …

  2. Hidden Costs of Aging View

    The Hidden Costsof Aging

    In spite of various studies showing that baby boomers are living longer than …

  3. Hidden Costs of Facebook View

    The Hidden Costsof Facebook

    Facebook is impacting more than just your social life.

  4. Hidden Costs of Google View

    The Hidden Costsof Google

    People use Google for a lot things. In fact, too many things. The question …

  5. Hidden Costs of Gym Memberships View

    The Hidden Costsof Gym Memberships

    Americans know well that unused gym memberships don’t make us stronger, faster …

  6. Hidden Costs of Bottled Water View

    The Hidden Costsof Bottled Water

    We all know that bottled water is a wasteful, high-cost convenience. But Americans …

  7. Hidden Costs of American Apparel View

    The Hidden Costsof American Apparel

    Known mostly for scantily clad models, hip clothing, and some eyebrow-raising …

  8. Hidden Costs of Toilet Paper View

    The Hidden Costsof Toilet Paper

    Everyday, 27,000 trees go down the toilet as waste paper. This video explains …

  9. Hidden Costs of Starbucks View

    The Hidden Costsof Starbucks

    It turns out that Starbuck's forward looking leadership is truly making the …

  10. Hidden Costs of Cigarettes View

    The Hidden Costsof Cigarettes

    For smokers and non-smokers alike, the following video offers some great details …