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How much car insurance do I need?

The amount of car insurance each driver needs depends on their individual coverage needs and financial circumstances. All car insurance policies should meet the required minimum limits for your state. However, most insurance experts recommend carrying higher liability limits than the state requirement. Minimum coverage might not offer enough coverage in the event of an accident with extensive damage or injuries. If you’re unsure, our licensed insurance agents are here to help you find the right level of coverage for you and your drivers.

What’s the difference between minimum and full coverage?

Most states have minimum coverage requirements for car insurance. This usually refers to bodily injury and property damage liability, but some may also require personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured motorist coverage. While buying minimum coverage may result in a cheaper premium, it also means drivers may have minimal financial protection in an accident. State-required minimum coverage also does not include comprehensive or collision coverage, which are coverages that help pay for damages to your vehicle following a covered claim.

On the other hand, full coverage car insurance includes coverage for physical damage to your vehicle in addition to liability coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage may be required by your lender if your vehicle is leased or financed to help pay the balance of your loan in the case of a covered claim. Other coverage options that you may want to consider for a well-rounded policy may include medical payments coverage for you and any passengers in your vehicle, as well as towing and rental reimbursement on each vehicle. These additional coverage types generally come with an added cost, but they do offer more financial protection in many claim scenarios.

Why does my credit score impact my auto insurance rate?

The impact of your credit on auto insurance rates is due to the connection between your credit history and insurance risk. Insurers consider multiple factors to evaluate the probability of a person filing a claim. Extensive research indicates that individuals with lower credit scores generally have a higher likelihood of filing claims. Since claims increase the costs to the insurance company, they charge higher rates for individuals with lower credit.

It’s important to note that not all states allow insurance companies to use credit scores as a rating factor, and the impact of credit on premiums can vary depending on your location. However, if you live in a state where credit is considered, maintaining good credit can help you secure more affordable auto insurance rates.

Who am I buying my policy from?

As an independent insurance agency, we assist you in finding the best policy tailored to your needs. We’re appointed by various insurance companies to sell policies on their behalf. When you decide to purchase a policy, you have options. Some carriers allow you to purchase coverage fully online, or you may choose to speak with one of our licensed agents over the phone. Our role is to guide you through the process and ensure you make an informed choice that suits your requirements.

How does Coverage make money?

We earn money in a few ways. Whether you purchase a policy from a quote we provide online or you buy over the phone with one of our licensed agents, we may earn a commission or payment from the insurance company. We may also get paid if you interact with ads on our site, but our compensation does not impact the price of your policy. Additionally, the offers on this site are from affiliates who compensate us, potentially affecting the display order of products on this tool.