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Cool car insurance mobile apps

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    Smartphones and apps have streamlined everything from entertainment to banking. Now, insurance companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Many leading auto insurers now offer car insurance apps to help customers with everything from filing claims to signing up for policies.

    But not all car insurance companies are created equal and neither are their apps. Some auto insurance apps offer better features than others, and some are more user friendly than their competitors. But which car insurance apps are the best?

    The best mobile apps of 2021

    When reviewing car insurance mobile apps, it helps to compare their features and ratings. Below are five of the best auto insurance apps, along with their app store ratings and features.

    App nameBest forFeaturesApp store rating
    MetromileCommutersInsurance ID cards, claims filing, roadside assistance, policy access, billing, vehicle locator, street sweeping alerts, check engine light decoder, trip tracking4.7
    Allstate DrivewiseNew driversSavings, driving trends, phone use monitor, trip data, reward program, driving insights4.8
    Esurance DrivesenseParents/guardians of young driversDriving habit monitoring, safe driving discount rewards4.5
    Geico mobile appFeaturesInsurance ID cards, roadside assistance, easy estimates, direct chat, virtual assistant, vehicle care4.8
    Progressive AppEase of usePolicy information, insurance quotes and applications, insurance ID cards, billing, roadside assistance, claims center3.5


    Metromile is one of the more robust car insurance apps reviewed here. From its long list of features to its high rating, Metromile easily made it into the list of top five coolest car insurance apps.

    Within the app, you can store your proof of insurance ID cards and related documents. This app also allows you to file claims and access your billing. Beyond these essentials, the Metromile app offers a vehicle locator, sends alerts when street sweepers will be on your street, provides a software tool for decoding why your check engine light is on, and has a trip tracker for your commutes.

    Allstate Drivewise

    The Allstate Drivewise app is designed to not only give you access to your auto insurance information but to help you improve your driving and save money in the process. This app will monitor how much you use your phone while behind the wheel, letting you know how safe or risky of a driver you are. It will also track general driving trends and show you patterns of your driving and where you can improve.

    Tying all the Drivewise features together is the savings and reward system. The driver can use the app to improve their driving habits and earn discounts on their auto insurance. For new drivers, this app can assist in developing some important driving skills.

    Esurance Drivesense

    Drivesense helps monitor driving habits and their impact on safety, from phone use behind the wheel to excessive acceleration and hard braking. The app provides weekly updates on how you’re driving along with personalized tips on how to become a safer driver. Parents of new drivers may find this app useful as it will give them information on their children’s driving habits.

    Like some other auto insurance apps, this one is focused upon incentivizing good driving with cost-saving rewards. As the driver improves their driving habits through the app, it will automatically customize discounts for them. The better the driving, the greater the discounts.

    Geico mobile app

    Touted as having an intuitive and accessible user interface, the Geico mobile app carries an interactive virtual assistant within it. The assistant can answer questions, direct inquiries and help with several insurance-related issues.

    Beyond the assistant, the Geico app includes direct chat functions to talk with your insurance agent, a document vault to store your insurance ID cards and related documents, and a vehicle care checklist. This app even allows you to upload pictures of your car damage and get quick estimates based on the photos without scheduling an appointment.

    Progressive app

    The Progressive app attempts to provide a full insurance experience. Drivers can use this app to check on insurance quotes and apply for policies, even if they aren’t currently a Progressive customer. Personal policy information is easily accessible through the app once a plan is active, including billing and payment options. Drivers can also use the app to access their insurance ID cards and documents, request roadside assistance and file claims.  

    What is a car insurance mobile app?

    Auto insurance apps serve a similar purpose as insurance company websites traditionally have but provide greater access and ease. Mobile insurance apps aim to provide customers with information and actions in an accessible and straightforward format. Functions generally include options for tracking policy information, filing claims, reviewing driving habits and pursuing discounts.

    How to choose the best car insurance mobile app for you

    1. Consider your preferences: If you prefer to speak with a person either in-person or by phone, then car insurance mobile apps may not be the best option for you. However, if accessing insurance policies from your smartphone sounds convenient, then these apps could be a boon.
    2. List out your objectives and requirements: After deciding to utilize mobile apps for your insurance needs, it’s crucial to figure out what you want to get out of your app. Create a list of features you would like to have in your auto insurance mobile app.
    3. Compare apps that are compatible with your list: Now, look through the listed insurance apps and see which ones have the features from your wishlist. Find the apps that have the most of your listed features or that have the most important of these features.
    4. Compare companies and policies of those compatible apps: Look at the companies associated with the apps you’ve selected and compare these companies’ policies and quotes.
    5. Choose the company that best fits your needs: Among these insurance companies, select the one that provides the policy that you want for the best rate.
    6. Download their app: Go to the provider website or look within the app store to download the company’s mobile app.

    The takeaway

    • Auto insurance mobile apps are becoming increasingly common.
    • These apps can provide driving feedback, policy information, discounts, and more.
    • Depending on the company, the apps offer features ranging from virtual assistants to free quotes and policy applications.
    • Deciding between mobile apps can play a useful role in choosing auto insurance providers.

    Car insurance companies are streamlining the insurance process with smartphone apps. These apps can make auto insurance an easier, more convenient experience for customers. Drivers can use these apps to review their driving habits, keep track of their car maintenance, file claims, apply for policies and more. If you’re looking for an auto insurance policy, don’t forget to include company apps in your comparisons when shopping.

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