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The best car insurance companies in Georgia

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    The state you live in can have a significant impact on your auto insurance premium rates. Georgia is on the higher end of expensive states when it comes to auto insurance — the state’s average of $1,746 is several hundred dollars higher than the national average of $1,555.

    Factors that may contribute to the higher premium rates include:

    • Population: Georgia has the eighth-highest population in the nation. A higher population or population density usually equates to higher rates.
    • Natural disasters: Georgia is at risk of a variety of natural disasters throughout the year, including hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires. Higher risk from these disasters can drive up insurance rates.
    • Dangerous drivers: Atlanta, GA is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation for drivers, causing the average rate in the city (and therefore the state) to increase.

    Below, you can find information on the average premium rates for both minimum and full coverage, including rates affected by having one speeding ticket or one accident on record. While these rates can be used for comparison purposes, exact rates will vary by provider based on your unique profile as a driver.

    Clean record1 speeding ticket1 accident
    Full coverage$1,746$2,188$2,637
    Minimum coverage$640$807$1,027

    In addition to having an average rate higher than the national average, there are a few other notable statistics worth highlighting. Georgia is third of all states when it comes to the percentage increase for minimum coverage after an accident (61%). Georgia takes third below California (82% increase), and Massachusetts (62% increase).

    When it comes to full coverage rates, Georgia drivers also see one of the most significant increases after an accident. Drivers in the state can expect the rates on their full coverage policies to increase roughly 51% after an accident, following only California, Maine, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

    The top car insurance companies in Georgia for 2021

    • Auto-Owners: Best for low-cost plans
    • USAA: Best for military members
    • Geico: Best for discounts
    • COUNTRY Financial: Best for customer service
    • Progressive: Best coverage options
    CompanyJ.D. Power claims satisfaction score/5AM BestDiscounts offeredAverage annual rate
    Allstate3/5A+New car discount
    Safe driving club
    Auto-Owners3/5A++Safety features discounts
    Teen driver monitoring discount
    GEICO3/5A++Military discount
    Federal employee discount
    Vehicle equipment discounts
    COUNTRY Financial5/5A+Engaged couple discount
    Discounts for teachers, firefighters, police officers, EMTs and paramedics
    Progressive3/5A+Snapshot program discount
    Teen driver discount
    State Farm3/5A++Steer Clear discount (for new drivers without any at-fault accidents or moving violations)$1,889
    USAA5/5A++Family discount
    Military installation discount

    Auto-Owners Insurance: Best for low-cost plans

    Of all of the auto insurance companies available in Georgia, Auto-Owners has the best rates on the market, based on averages. The company provides all of the basic coverage options, as well as some extra add-ons that include rental car coverage, common loss deductible and a waived deductible for accidents involving two Auto-Owners customers. In addition to its already-low rates, Auto-Owners officers discounts such as a multi-policy, paid-in-full, on-time payment history and safety features discounts.

    USAA: Best for military members

    USAA is unique in that it offers its products specifically to military members and their spouses. The company offers a fairly competitive price, as well as military-specific discounts to bring your rates down even more. USAA also has the advantage of being the highest rated auto insurance company for customer satisfaction, according to the 2019 J.D. Power study for claims satisfaction.

    Geico: Best for discounts

    Of all the insurance companies on our list of top auto insurance companies in Georgia, Geico had the most discounts available to its customers — a total of 16 discounts. The company’s discounts include those for vehicle safety features, seat belt use, driver’s educational courses, federal government or military service and bundling policies. Since Geico already has one of the lowest rates in the market, these discounts help to make their prices all the more competitive.

    COUNTRY Financial: Best for customer service

    J.D. Power awarded COUNTRY Financial 5/5 Power Circles for its customer claim satisfaction, among the highest compared to other providers. While the company has the highest average rates on the list, the exceptional customer service may be worth the extra money to some policyholders. And if you work in one of the occupations that receive a discount through COUNTRY Financial, you may be able to bring your rates down.

    Progressive: Best coverage options

    Progressive has the third-largest market share in the auto insurance industry — the largest for commercial auto as well — and there’s a good reason for it. Progressive offers some of the best coverage options in the market with add-ons such as roadside assistance and rideshare. And thanks to the company’s Name Your Price® Tool, you can tailor your coverage to the price you want to pay. However, customer claims satisfaction ratings may be a detraction to consider. 

    Car insurance in Georgia by city

    The city in which you live can play a significant role in determining how much you pay in auto insurance in Georgia — the difference can equal hundreds of dollars per policy, as indicated in the chart below.

    CityFull coverage annual rateMinimum coverage annual rate


    Atlanta is home to the most expensive auto insurance premiums in the state of Georgia, coming in at more than $400 higher than the most affordable location, and roughly $300 above the state average. Car insurance tends to be higher in urban areas, as a result of higher rates of theft, vandalism, and car accidents. These factors may help to explain the higher insurance rates in Atlanta.


    The average auto insurance premium in Marietta, Georgia is $1,827. When compared to the statewide average of $1,746, the city is among the most expensive in the state. 


    Lawrenceville is the second-most expensive city in Georgia for car insurance, following Atlanta. The average price in Lawrenceville is $1,910 annually. Though the population for this city is the lowest on our list, there are other factors that can affect insurance rates such as the safety of the drivers, number of uninsured drivers and the chances of inclement weather.


    Augusta is the city on the list with the lowest auto insurance rates in the state. The average premium is more than $100 cheaper than the state average, and more than $400 cheaper than the most expensive city. 


    Columbus is fairly average in terms of the price of auto insurance. It falls in the middle of the list of cities we’re comparing, and is the closest to the statewide average ($1,704 in Columbus annually, compared to $1,746 statewide).

    Georgia car insurance considerations

    One of the leading reasons that rates may be higher in some states is the propensity for natural disasters. Georgia residents are frequently faced with a variety of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and floods. For these issues, you may want to opt for additional coverages that specifically name these perils.

    Auto insurance premiums can also vary depending on the crime rate where you live. However, Georgia is fairly average when it comes to national crime rates, meaning this factor is unlikely to be a major factor, except in certain major cities within Georgia.

    The level of insurance coverage you choose also significantly impacts your premium rates. While drivers can decide the level of coverage they want for the most part, Georgia does require its drivers to have a minimum level of insurance.

    Georgia minimum liability requirements

    Nearly all states require that drivers carry a minimum level of insurance, to protect against liability in at-fault collisions. Those who fail to meet this requirement may have to pay fines.

    Georgia law requires that drivers have the following minimum insurance coverage

    • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person 
    • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
    • $25,000 property damage liability per accident

    How we chose the best car insurance providers in Georgia

    There are many options on the market for auto insurance, and they’re hardly limited to just the list of providers we discussed in this article. We chose the best insurers based on factors such as their average premium rates, discounts they offer and customer service ratings, as well as availability to Georgia drivers.

    Other car insurance providers in Georgia to consider

    Though they didn’t make the top five list, there are a couple of other auto insurers worth mentioning.

    State Farm

    State Farm holds the largest market share of the auto insurance industry, a total of 16.1 percent. Despite its popularity, being middle of the pack both for customer satisfaction and having just average premium prices for Georgia customers are two considerations to keep in mind. 

    Though it has its downsides, State Farm has one of the best financial strength ratings from AM Best and offers a variety of discounts to its customers. Unique to State Farm are the Drive Safe and Save program, where customers can get discounts by sharing data with the company through OnStar, and the Steer Clear discount, which allows new drivers to save money with no accidents or moving violations on their record.


    Allstate is another popular auto insurer available to drivers in Georgia. The company has fairly-competitive prices, and offers discounts such as its safe driving club discount, new car discount and discounts for having certain safety features on your vehicle.


    Coverage Utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze quoted rates from thousands of zip codes across all 50 states, using the top 15 carriers by premiums written by state. Quoted rates are based around the profiles of a 30 year male and female with clean driving records, good credit and the following full coverage details:

    • $100k bodily injury liability per person
    • $300k bodily injury liability coverage per crash
    • $100k property damage liability coverage per crash
    • $500 collision coverage deductible
    • $500 comprehensive coverage deductible

    Minimum coverages were applied to match state requirements. Both drivers used a new, financed 2018 Toyota Camry, commuting 5 days a week and driving 12,000 miles per year.

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