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Best car insurance companies in Ohio

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    Good news for drivers in this state — Car insurance in Ohio is more affordable than the national average rate. The average Ohio driver pays $998 per year for a full coverage auto policy, whereas the average American driver pays around $1,555 per year. There are several reasons why car insurance costs in Ohio are cheaper than average, most notably:

    Every driver in Ohio pays a different rate for car insurance, which is largely based on driving record, credit score and other factors unique to each driver. The table below indicates the average cost of car insurance for Ohio drivers with a clean record, after one speeding ticket and after an accident:

    Clean record1 speeding ticket1 accident
    Full coverage$998$1,212$1,447
    Minimum coverage$320$385$466

    Top car insurance companies in Ohio

    With over 200 car insurance providers, finding the best insurance company in Ohio can be challenging. To simplify the process, we put together a list of the top five providers in the Buckeye State:

    • Auto-owners: Best for cheap rates
    • Progressive: Best for safe drivers
    • Erie: Best for comprehensive coverage
    • State Farm: Best for teen drivers
    • Allstate: Best for rideshare insurance
    CompanyJ.D. Power ScoreAM BestDiscounts offeredAverage rate
    Allstate3/5A+(Superior)New car, responsible payer$1,153
    Auto-owners3/5A++(Superior)Teen driver monitoring discount, life multi-policy$832
    Erie5/5A+(Superior)Diminishing deductible, rate lock guarantee$883
    Progressive3/5A+(Superior)Continuous coverage, distant student$1,098
    State Farm3/5A++ (Superior)Accident-free, vehicle safety features$971

    Auto-owners: Best for cheap rates

    Auto-owners is our top pick for Ohio drivers who are looking for the most affordable car insurance rates. The average cost of a policy from Auto-owners is $832 annually, or just $69 per month. In addition to competitive rates, Auto-owners offers a variety of coverage options, including gap insurance, and common discounts.

    Progressive: Best for safe drivers

    Progressive stands out as the best Ohio car insurance company for safe drivers. The company is well known for its signature Snapshot program, which monitors in-vehicle driving behaviors and rewards good drivers with a discount. The average savings is $145 when drivers complete the program, and there’s even a discount for signing up.

    Erie: Best for comprehensive coverage

    Erie is one of the best Ohio car insurance companies for drivers who want comprehensive coverage. In addition to basic coverage, Erie offers a variety of add-on coverages, like pet coverage, auto glass repair, locksmith services, personal item coverage and more. Erie also includes first accident forgiveness coverage for free.

    State Farm: Best for teen drivers

    State Farm is a great provider choice for teen drivers in Ohio. With the company’s Steer Clear® program, drivers under 25 can save money on their car insurance by practicing safe driving habits. Drivers who complete the program and have no moving violations or accidents within the last three years can get a discount of up to 15% on their policy.

    Allstate: Best for rideshare insurance

    Ohioans who drive for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft should consider Allstate for their rideshare insurance. Allstate’s Ride for Hire® policy is designed to fill the gap between your personal car insurance and the rideshare company’s coverage. Ride for Hire® is an endorsement that is added to your personal car insurance policy for just cents per day.

    Car insurance in Ohio by city

    Another factor that impacts the cost of your car insurance is your ZIP code. Ohio drivers pay slightly different rates based on where they live. In the table below, we’ve included the different rates for full and minimum coverage insurance in major Ohio cities, for the sake of comparison:

    CityFull coverage annual rateMinimum coverage annual rate


    Columbus is the most populated city in Ohio. The average cost of full coverage car insurance in the city is $1,126 per year, which is more expensive than the statewide average rate of $998. Part of the reason why insurance is expensive in Columbus is because of drivers in that city, which have been referred to as “among the worst in the U.S.”


    Cleveland is home to more than 380,000 people and is Ohio’s most densely populated city. There are more cars on the road than in other areas, which increases the risk for accidents. Because of that, drivers in Cleveland pay $1,189 for insurance, which is the most expensive of the major cities in the state.


    In Cincinnati, you can purchase full coverage car insurance for an average rate of $1,122 per year, which is roughly $430 more expensive than the statewide average. Similar to Columbus, studies have shown that Cincinnati drivers are ranked poorly in terms of safe driving which could be a factor contributing to the high prices.


    In Toledo, the average cost of full coverage car insurance is $1,152 per year. Compared to other Ohio cities, Toledo is less populated in terms of the number of residents and has a lower population density. However, insurance in Toledo still costs more than Ohio’s statewide average, likely because it’s a major metropolitan area.


    Drivers who live in Akron pay $1,066 on average for annual full coverage insurance. Because Akron is a lower-income city, the cost of car insurance is less expensive than in more affluent areas. However, Akron residents still pay slightly more than the Ohio statewide average. Of the Ohio five metropolitan areas Coverage looked at, Akron is the cheapest city for car insurance.

    Ohio car insurance considerations

    In addition to ZIP code, there are several other factors that can impact your car insurance rate; weather is one of these factors. Some parts of Ohio experience storms, severe flooding and tornados. Drivers in those areas usually pay more for their car insurance. Fortunately, the saturation of insurance companies in Ohio means that insurance is relatively cheap for drivers across the board.

    Every driver in Ohio must legally carry bodily injury liability and property damage liability auto insurance. Driving without at least the state’s minimum required amount of insurance coverage is illegal.

    Ohio minimum liability requirements

    Ohio’s car insurance minimum requirements are listed at 25/50/25. That means drivers are required to carry at least this much coverage:

    • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
    • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
    • $10,000 property damage liability per accident

    How we chose the best car insurance providers in Ohio

    To choose the best car insurance companies in Ohio, Coverage started by evaluating the largest providers in the state. We then reviewed each company based on coverage options, discounts, customer service, financial strength ratings and the average statewide premium.

    Other car insurance providers in Ohio to consider

    In addition to the top five Ohio car insurance companies highlighted, here are some other options for reliable coverage:


    Farmers doesn’t have the best financial strength ratings, but the company does have good coverage options, including rideshare insurance.

    Motorist Mutual

    Motorist Mutual is a small, regional insurance provider that offers coverage in the Midwest. The company offers very basic coverage and several discounts.


    Westfield is another small car insurance provider that sells bare-bones coverage. It could be a good option if you need gap or loan insurance.

    Company AM Best AM Best Discounts offered Average rate
    Farmers3/5A(Excellent)Claims-free, policy bundling$1,163
    Motorist MutualN/AA-(Excellent)Empty nester, clean driving record$1,132
    WestfieldN/AA(Excellent)Claims-free, multi-vehicle$1,398


    Coverage Utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyse quoted rates from thousands of zip codes across all 50 states, using the top 15 carriers by premiums written by state. Quoted rates are based around the profiles of a 30-year-old male and female with clean driving records, good credit and the following full coverage details:

    • $100k bodily injury liability per person
    • $300k bodily injury liability coverage per crash
    • $100k property damage liability coverage per crash
    • $500 collision coverage deductible
    • $500 comprehensive coverage deductible

    Minimum coverages were applied to match state requirements. Both drivers used a new, financed 2018 Toyota Camry, commuting 5 days a week and driving 12,000 miles per year.

    Elizabeth Rivelli

    Elizabeth is an insurance writer for coverage.com, where she covers insurance providers and reviews policies to help consumers find comprehensive and affordable coverage for every area of their life. She has more than three years of writing experience for top online insurance and finance publications.

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