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Turo car insurance

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If you’re an infrequent driver, renting your car through a sharing platform like Turo is a great way to make some extra money. But before you do, it’s important to understand what type of insurance you need to protect your vehicle and your liabilities. Keep reading to learn what type of insurance Turo requires and how insurance works for Turo hosts and renters.

What is Turo?

Turo is essentially the Airbnb of cars. It’s the world’s largest car sharing marketplace and it’s an alternative for traditional car rental. With Turo, anyone can list their personal vehicle for rent as long as it meets certain requirements. Vehicle owners, also called Hosts, can set the rental price and the car’s availability. Once a renter books the car, you hand over the keys and get paid—anywhere between 65%–85% of the trip price. 

When you book a car through Turo, you can completely bypass the rental car counter if you need a vehicle while on vacation or when your personal car is in the shop. You can browse the marketplace to find the perfect car and reserve your favorite one with a cancellation period of up to 24 hours. To pick up the car, you can either meet the host at their home or arrange a delivery to a custom location.

Is insurance required for Turo?

Turo renters are not required to have their own car insurance policy. When you rent a car through Turo, you can choose from three protection plans—Premier, Standard or Minimum. Each protection plan includes at least the minimum amount of liability insurance required in the state. If you already have insurance, Turo’s liability insurance will supplement the coverage you already have.

Turo hosts can choose from five protection plans offered through the company. The plans, which are based on the percentage of trip earnings, vary in terms of coverage type and deductible. Every protection plan includes third-party liability coverage up to $750,000 from Liberty Mutual via Turo Insurance Agency. 

For hosts and renters, there are pros and cons to getting insurance. Purchasing a protection plan from Turo will increase the cost if you’re a renter and lower the amount of money earned if you’re a host. However, not all personal car insurance policies cover shared vehicles. If you decline Turo insurance and you don’t have rental coverage through your personal provider, you would be financially responsible for all damages and any liability claim costs.

Does my current car insurance cover Turo?

As a Turo renter, it’s possible that your current car insurance policy will cover your trip. Most car insurance companies extend coverage to rental cars, but because Turo is technically peer-to-peer car sharing, the rules might be different. Before you decline Turo insurance, make sure to contact your insurance company and ask if your personal policy is sufficient. For example, your car insurance company might cover liability with your Turo rental, but not accidents or physical damage.

If you’re a Turo host, your personal car insurance policy will not cover your vehicle while it’s being rented. You have to purchase a Turo protection plan which supplies liability coverage through Liberty Mutual. Some protection plans also include coverage for vehicle damage and wear and tear. Another option would be to purchase a commercial car insurance policy from your insurance company and become a Turo Commercial Host.

How does car insurance work for Turo hosts?

After listing their car on Turo, hosts are given the option to purchase a protection plan, which essentially serves as their insurance coverage. Turo’s insurance is offered through Liberty Mutual via Turo Insurance Agency, so you know you’re getting reliable coverage. Every protection plan includes up to $750,000 in third-party liability insurance. 

Each protection plan offers a different amount of coverage. The more coverage you have, the less money you’ll earn from renting your vehicle. The table below includes a breakdown of the different protection plans available for hosts and what they cover:

Protection planEarnings amount (of trip price)DeductibleReplacement reimbursementWear and tear coverageLoss of hosting income
60 plan60%$0$50 per day, 10 day max.Yes

Turo covers loss of hosting income based on average earnings over last 60 days
70 plan70%$250$30 per day, 10 day max.N/AN/A
75 plan75%$750N/AN/AN/A
80 plan80%$1,625N/AN/AN/A
85 plan85%$2,500N/AN/AN/A

How does car insurance work for Turo renters?

Turo renters can choose from three different protection plans when they book a vehicle. Renters who have a personal car insurance policy, and have confirmed coverage with their insurance provider, can choose to decline Turo coverage.

However, drivers who decline a protection plan will automatically get the state’s required minimum liability insurance coverage. If you’re renting a car in another state, this ensures that you are driving with enough liability insurance in case your home state’s requirements are lower. 

Here are the protection plan offerings for renters:

Protection planLiability coverageOut-of-pocket maximumContractual limitation for exterior damageContractual limitation for interior damageAvailable to drivers 18-20
Premier planUp to $750,000$0YesNoNo
Standard planState minimum$500YesNoYes
Minimum planState minimum$3,000YesNoYes

The takeaway

  • Turo renters and hosts are encouraged to purchase a protection plan through the company for liability and/or physical damage coverage.
  • All protection plans include up to $750,000 in third-party liability coverage from Liberty Mutual, unless you decline protection. 
  • Personal car insurance policies may cover renters during their trip, but it’s not guaranteed.

Renting your car through Turo is a good way to supplement your income. If you’re looking to book a car, using Turo offers greater flexibility and convenience than a traditional rental counter. Whether you rent or host through Turo, having the right type of insurance coverage is important. Fortunately, Turo offers tons of protection plans that can cover your liabilities and vehicle damages in either situation.

Elizabeth Rivelli

Elizabeth is an insurance writer for coverage.com, where she covers insurance providers and reviews policies to help consumers find comprehensive and affordable coverage for every area of their life. She has more than three years of writing experience for top online insurance and finance publications.

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