Lack of Health Insurance in the US

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Health insurance is very important because the cost of medical treatment can become very high. Unfortunately health insurance is extremely expensive and health insurance premiums rise every year. There are millions of people living across the United States that have no health insurance simply because they cant afford it. Just being able to insure a family of four will cost around thirty thousand dollars a year in most states if you have to pay for it out of pocket, and getting assistance can be extremely difficult even if your income is just slightly above what is considered poverty level. Politicians have discussed many different ways to be able to help families get insurance coverage but nothing has been done to remedy the situation yet and more and more people are becoming frustrated because of this. To give you a somewhat accurate overview of the alarming number of people without health insurance here is a graph showing the ten States with the largest percentage of people without health insurance. Looking at the percentages of uninsured people in these 10 States gives you an idea of how bad the health care crisis has become. these estimates are from 2009 and are the most up to date stats to be found, and most likely these numbers have gone up since then.

Here is another graph that shows the States with the highest average cost of healthcare per person, this is if you were paying for it out of pocket. The numbers in the graph represent the dollar amount for health insurance on average per person. These numbers have most likely gone up since the time this data was compiled as well, but it still shows how much health insurance costs in various parts of the country. 

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